Project name:
	a.network - regional coordination of new media culture initiatives

        to streanghten the sector of new media culture and make it more accessible to the general public; 
        to enhance it's structure and make more visable to the governning and funding bodies without losing it's plasticity of: 
        small, modular, dynamic, networked constructs (too poetic ?)  

	SEE Europe 
	(initial 2 years with open partnerships to international organisations)

	1st phase = Feb 2003 - Feb2004
	2nd phase = Feb 2004 - Feb2005

Brief description: 
	regional network of new media centers which are able to produce, present,
	and reflect on current state media/culture/technology and overall social development.
	I phase: existing organisations (initial group) would start:
		- multilateral exchange of programs and information,
		- sharing of available resources and bilding new capacities,
  		- expertise in the field of new media culture (from technology know-how to policy/advocacy)
		- planing joint projects/events
	II phase: all members (initial group + invited individuals and organisations) would:
		* produce joint projects/products: 
			* web portal on new media culture
			* internal knowledgbase for researchers that would be used/built jointly
			* on-line media rapositories (video and sound database)
			* CD, DVD or/and print publications for general public 
			(magazine, video/audio compilations) 

Initial founding idea was started in Labin Sept, 2000. during 
ASU2 conference and further coordination was done on New Media Culture Week 
in Zagreb May, 2002 and through the informal communication in ad-hoc meetings and email correnspondance.

Due to already established wide range of activities in each of the 
founding members organisation initial focus will be not to do
new activities but to extend existing ones to the network range.
For each of the individual members will take over coordinating
and managing of one of the activities (including organisation of one
of the bigger meetings in next 2 years), while all will take part in activities depeanding on their  : 
- Zagreb will focus on policy work and software development
- Ljubljana on web services (both software devlopment and hosting) and hardware
- Novi Sad on program exchange and media publication (e-zine/magazine)
- Sarajevo on media production and distribution (mostly video) 

In the second year year as communication/managing protocols are 
well established we will engage in more collaborative and joint work
that is focused on products and direct tangible results of networking
know how transfer and program exchange. 
New activities will include additional distribution and promotion activities.

brief overview of activities:
	* local
		* development of resources
		* production of media and content
	* network 
		* coordinating  
		* distribution

Founding members (core group):
	* Multimedia Institute, Zagreb CROATIA
	* Ljubljana Digital Media Lab, Ljubljana SLOVENIA (working within "KUD F. Presern")
	* Kuda.org, Novi Sad FR YUGOSLAVIA 
	* Pro.ba, Sarajevo BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA (working within SCCA)

Invited individual members :
(due to change in the future if model is proven sustainable and able to expand)

	* Slovenia
		* Igor Španjol, curator in Moderna Galerija
		* Dunja Kukovec, independent curator/organiser
	* Croatia
		* Jasminko Novak, GMK-Fraunhofer & Academy for Drama Arts - Croatia
		* Mišel Kovacic, graduate student at La Fabrica- Italy  & multimedia producer  
	* FR Yugoslavia
		* Dejan Sretenovic, glavni kustos u Muzeju savremene umetnosti
		* Svetlana Jovicic, assistent na postdiplomskom kursu za kulturni menadzment Univerziteta u Beogradu
		* Relja Bobic (BelgradeYard Sound System)
	* Bosnia & Herzegovina
		* Šefik Tatlić, journalist and editor of Neuro magazine  
	* Int. 
		* Juergen Moritz, independent researcher Collogne-Wien, DE/AT
		* ? Walter Van Der Cruijisen, manager of Hall Time Based Arts Center, UK
		* Joanne Richardson, editor of SUBSOL -  Cluj,  RO
		* Micz Flor, CrashMedia - Berlin, DE
		* Drazen Pantic, Location1 - NYC, US
Partner organisations (non fixed list):
			* [space]  -  WHW (Gallery Nova), Zagreb  
			* [space]  - Art radionica Lazareti, Dubrovnik
			* [content]  - Kontejner, Zagreb
			* [content+production] -  NuclearAgenNomads, Velika Gorica
			* [space+content]  - MetaMudija, Pula
			* [space+content]  - Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana
			* [space+production]  - KiberPipa, Ljubljana
			* [space+content]  - KIBLA, Maribor 
			* [space+production] - Pavarotti Music Center Mostar
			* [content]  - Neuro, fanzin
			* ?
			* [space+content]  -  Cyber REX
			* ?
		* Int.
			* TheTHING - int. (NY, Roma, Wien, Munchen, Amsterdam)
			* Bootlab - Berlin
			* Travellab - Collogne/Berlin
			* RIXC - Riga

Associate members:
This category is open to all individuals/projects/organisations that will be joining 
our network activities in ad-hoc situations for the sake of single joint project and mutual benefit 
(resource, content, funding wise).

	* governning/executive body - Core  =  4 orgs x 2 representatives each
	* steering comeete = 
		phase 1 () Core + 5 invited individual members (changed every year) 
		phase 2 () Core + 5 invited individual members + 5 representatives of partner organisations 
	{Quorum= 2/3 of all}	
	* coordinating activities
		* maillinglist
		* quaterly meetings	
	* informing 
		* internal website
		* maillinglist/newsletter 
	* pruposing projects
		* web form
		* quaterly meeting
	* decision making
		* internal website 
		* quaterly meeting

(will co-ordinate internaly via lists+phone and regulary meet. groups are open to all members with one obligatory coordinator for 6moths?):
        * MAKRO : policy/fundraising/managing
        * MIKRO : technology/media
        * META  : programs/research/theory/publishing

* 2 meetings of governning body 
* 2 meetings of steering comeete
* 1 meeting with international partners
* exchange residency
* guest presentations (both in-between countries and international)
* 4 workshops/meetings related to programs/projects
* support for activities:
	* local
		* development of resources
		* production of media and content
	* network 
		* coordinating  
		* distribution

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